Time Lapse and Engineering Photography & Videos


What We Do

We offer a range of video services that enable us to meet your digital video production needs. If you have an idea, please get in touch.



  • Marketing and Promotional Videos – In an increasingly competitive marketplace it is crucial that businesses showcase their abilities and strengths. The role of audio-visual material in this process is becoming more and more important, and we can help highlight the positives of products or services with internet videos and DVDs that are both professional and affordable. Most importantly, we combine technical expertise with the all-important art of writing for the spoken word. We bring experience not only of camerawork and editing, but of broadcast journalism, narration and scriptwriting.


  • Training Films – Sometimes it is necessary for companies to create instructional or training DVDs which can be supplied to the customer along with the product, or, given to employees to help guide them. Working closely with clients from concept to delivery, we focus on engaging the viewer and getting complex information across effectively.


  • Event Videos – Whether it’s a giant engineering project, music performance or festival, we can work with organizations, groups or individuals to record and document an activity or undertaking. Sometimes these can be just for posterity, but more often are used as a tool for corporate communications.


  • Television Commercials – Falmouth Videos are able to produce short television advertisements in HD format in all sectors including tourism, retail and manufacturing. We like to work closely with clients throughout the process, from basic outline to preferences in voice-over character.


  • Corporate B-Roll – While the term used to concern extra footage used for cutaways in documentaries or interviews, it is increasingly being used by businesses for potential broadcast news publicity. We can help companies create (or supplement existing) file footage for future use by filming, identifying and editing the most important sequences.


  • Time-Lapse Cinematography – One of the key strengths of Falmouthphotos is the production of time-lapse films. These can be employed in a variety of settings, be it to condense action on an engineering project or simply for artistic purposes (a day-in-the-life of a hotel or event, for example). Time lapse can be used in marketing and promotional videos, above.